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Michele Steffen “Portraits, Figures and Fairy Tales”


January 2022 | The Cultural Centre | Watercolor, Acrylics

Michele and her beautiful art work are such a joy! We hope you’ll enjoy taking a walk with her through the exhibition as she give bits of insight on the different works. Portraits, Figures and Fairy Tales will be on exhibit at the Cultural Centre through February 14th.

The simplest explanation for my work is that being creative is a tool I use for exploring the thoughts, ideas or surroundings I find compelling. Depending upon the piece of art, it represents my desire to either engage with or formulate a complete idea about a subject, or a means to share something I find particularly poignant or beautiful. The style and medium I use in each work is chosen in order to express myself most effectively.


A small sampling of

Featured Work

“UHU” Eurasian Eagle Owl

Michele Steffen

A special thank you to the International Owl Center in Houston, MN for granting permission to use beautiful Uhu as model and muse for this painting.

Sandhill Crane

Michele Steffen
Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

The Highwayman

Michele Steffen
Watercolor on Illustration Board, 2021

The Letter

Michele Steffen
Watercolor, 2021

Spanish Bull

Michele Steffen
Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Michele Steffen
Watercolor, 2021


Michele Steffen
Japanese Sumi-E Technique, Watercolor Ink, 2021

Eastern Screech Owl on Falconer’s Gauntlet

Michele Steffen

A special thank you to the International Owl Center in Houston, MN for granting permission to use tiny J.R. as model and muse for this painting.

Resting Horse in a Morning Field

Michele Steffen
Acrylic on Canvas, 2019


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