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The number one reason the Cultural Centre is able to reach out to the community is because of the tremendous support we receive from the many men and women who volunteer. We have all been gifted in different ways and we seek to utilize those giftings so that volunteering at the Cultural Centre is a joyful experience, not just another task to be performed. We couldn’t be more grateful for those who have blessed us with the the gift of their time and talents.

Many volunteer opportunities are available. If you’re interested in volunteering please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. We appreciate you!

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Our Volunteers

We really love these people. The Cultural Centre wouldn’t be successful without them.

Sharon Honzay

Kim Lowe

Mariah Lowe

Leta Jacobs

Sharon Koopman

Terri Tuma

Paula Sing

Mary Frietag

Deb Hilleshiem

Dan Jacobs

Rick Bonlender


Krstyl Louwagie - March 2021

Cartooning. Influenced from early childhood by illustrated fairy tale books, super-hero comics and animated cartoons. She is the marketing coordinator for Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.

Jim and Trisch Beilke - April 2021

Basketry and wooden boats. Working with natural materials such as feathers, antlers, seegrass, jute and wood this exhibition is a feast for those who have a love for natural materials.

Don Sherman - May 2021

Papermaking. A Southwest Minnesota State University adjunct professor and retired photographer using native and invasive plants sometimes blended with commercially produced fibers.

Pat Amberg and Sons - June 2021

Sculpture. A kick off to the Island Day's celebration emphasizes the importance of family and the relationship between fathers and sons.

Jim Brooks - July 2021

Woodworking. This exhibition will also include a woodturning workshop on the green space of the Cultural Centre.

McKenna Lilja - August 2021

Mixed media. An exhibition filled with oil paint, pastels, found objects and textiles that turns the mundane into extrodinary.

Nan Karr Kaufenberg - September 2021

Linoleum block prints. An award winning artist with a distinct style unlike many other styles of painting and imagery.

Dona Larkin - October 2021

Paint. Another award winning, national/world renowned artist who works as a freelancer for commissioned original art work.

Sheila Jacobs - November 2021

Pottery, paint. Known for her stain glass creations, watercolor and most recently pottery, she is lauded as a home-grown artist and conservationist with deep respect from our state-wide community.


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