The Cultural Centre in Bird Island, MN seeks to enrich the lives of community members by making the arts an essential part of community and community an essential part of the arts. We believe participation in the arts, wellness, and socialization enhances the quality of people’s lives and community wellness.


The Cultural Centre in Bird Island’s mission is to integrate the arts into the community and to reflect the community in the arts. We believe the quality of life is enhanced by ensuring the arts are an active part of the social fabric of the community and beyond. Participation in the arts, whether active or passive, leads to discourse, communication, between people of all ethnicities, religious affiliation, genders and age groups. We believe through discourse the human condition becomes authentic for the individual and the community at large.


In July 2016, the vision of a community based art centre emphasizing relationship building, art and wellness began taking form. Discussions between Gordy Blem, owner of the Dirks-Blem Funeral Home and recently retired owners of Glesener’s Incorporated provided a synchronistic blend between need and desire. Mark and Rosemary began work establishing a non-profit entity to fulfill their vision of a creative community gathering place.

The Centre was legally registered as the Bird Island Cultural Centre on November 8, 2016 as a nonprofit by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. It is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) as of November 22, 2016. As noted, the original name of our organization was ” Bird Island Cultural Centre,” however, because we go beyond the borders of our small town, we changed the name to “The Cultural Centre in Bird Island.

The Cultural Centre’s role in the community is to facilitate the creation of a space which enhances socialization, art appreciation and thoughtful discourse. We achieve this through monthly art exhibits, music lessons, social gatherings, art classes, writing seminars, Story Shows, First Aid/CPR, etc. Although this space is filled with activities, we strive to maintain an environment that is relaxing and welcoming – a soft place, a retreat, an environment where pondering and inspiration are nurtured.

In September 2017, The Centre purchased the historic Tinnes-Baker House, an early 1900 Craftsman-style design brick house on Highway 212 (the historic Yellowstone Trail) in downtown Bird Island. The house is currently being evaluated for National Registry Designation and its planned use will be to enhance the Cultural Centre’s many programs.