The Founding of The Cultural Centre | A Change in the Name
The Founding of The Cultural Centre | A Change in the Name

After many months of organization the Centre was legally registered as the Bird Island Cultural Centre on November 8, 2016 as a nonprofit corporation. Our name was formally changed to The Cultural Centre in Bird Island as we continue to expand, welcome and serve all our surrounding communities. 

We Are Growing
We Are Growing

In September 2017, the Centre purchased the historic Baker House, an early 1900 Craftsman-style design brick house on Highway 212 (Yellowstone Trail) in downtown Bird Island. The house is currently being evaluated for National Registry Designation and its planned use will be to enhance the Cultural Centre’s many programs.

The Expansion Continues
The Expansion Continues

We achieve this through monthly art exhibits, social gatherings, music lessons, mini concerts, art classes, writing workshops, CPR/First Aide classes, wellness events and more. Although this space is filled with activities, we strive to maintain an environment that is relaxing and welcoming – a soft place, a retreat, an environment where pondering and inspiration are nurtured.

Our Values

Civic Involvement

To insure the health and wellness of our region it is important to recognize that each of us plays a role for future generation’s health and wellness.


Just as we are all uniquely and divinely inspired, we believe challenges can be met with dignity, inspiration, and cooperation. 


The requirement for success is the commitment to be just, passionate, and have overall concern for the common good.


Our goal is to be fiscally responsible so that the regional community will benefit from the programs and enrichment we offer for future generations.

Meet our super heroes

Meet the Team

Mark and Rosemary Glesener
Paul Heyl
Chuck Brown
Vice President
Karen Roker
Board Member
Gene Wenstrom
Board Member
Don Orth
Board Member