Our Mission Statement:

“This corporation is organized exclusively for the promotion of community integrative health, happiness, and well being; the integrative betterment of individual community members (children, teenagers, adults, and elders) in body, mind, and spirit; and the enhancement of the social fabric of the Bird Island and surrounding communities.”

The Bird Island Cultural Center was legally registered on 11/8/16 as a Nonprofit Corporation by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) as of 11/22/16.

Our role in the community is to facilitate the creation of programs that connect community members with resources to further their interest and engagement in arts, wellness, culture, and more simply investing in our neighbors.

We are excited to share in this journey of learning through and with the community!

Board Members:

  • Paul Heyl, Bird Island
  • Mark Glesener, Bird Island
  • Gene Wenstrom, Sartell
  • Don Orth, Olivia
  • Chuck Brown, Olivia


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