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Art Exhibitions

We love art! Exhibits are changed on a monthly basis so check in often.

Monthly Writer's Group

“The purpose of a story is to enrich your experience. A story doesn’t POINT you there, it puts you there. In a sense, a story is a form of transportation. It lifts you from where you are reading and carries you to another time and another place.”



“The Writer’s Group gathers each month at the Cultural Centre in Bird Island. It includes poets, essayists, short story writers, novelists and some who simply feel the urge to scribble something down on paper. It’s an eclectic bunch that finds commonality in our shared reverence for the written word. Mosty, what we do is talk…and talk…and talk. We share our work with one another. We talk about writing in general and we talk about life. Some might think it odd to talk about life in a former funeral home, but we don’t think that at all. As writers we understand that it’s not odd, that it’s just ironic and writer’s love irony. It’s also why we love the Cultural Centre, a place that celebrates irony and life. So, if you feel the urge to scribble, why not join us? We meet at 7pm on the second Tuesday each month. Our only requirement, our only standard, is a love of the written word. And we talk, a lot.”


Chuck Brown 2020


For more information contact Paul Heyl at: paulheyl@hotmail.com

Weekly Jam Sessions

Have a passion for music? So do we! Bring your instrument and join us. We will update you when we have a night decided!

Bridge and Domino Clubs

The Cultural Centre in Bird Island is fully accessible, and dedicates Wednesdays and Thursdays to the elders of our community. These vibrant clubs enhance the social fabric of Bird Island, Hector and Olivia.

Bridge Club gathers every Wednesday from 1-4PM in the main gallery at the Cultural Centre and Dominos Club meets every Thursday from 1-4PM. There is plenty of room for additional clubs like Scrabble or Backgammon.

Contact Rosemary at birdislandculture@gmail.com or call (320)365-1011 for more information on bringing your club to the Cultural Centre.

Chess Club

Chess Club is held Mondays, after school, and children are introduced to the strategic game of Chess. Children ages 8-13 sign in upon arrival, have a fresh fruit/vegetable snack and are mentored by Mr. Bud Setzepfandt in creative thinking and problem solving. Thinking of becoming a chess mentor? Call us at (320)365-1011

Weekly AA Meetings

Thursday nights at 7:00PM Alcoholics Anonymous offers support for people in recovery. Please call (320)365-1011

Youthful Art Classes

The programs of Youthful Arts inspire creativity, problem solving and confidence building. This art experience class for ages 8-12 is directed toward art appreciation, the use of many different mediums and materials, techniques and the creative process.

During the school year, classes are held immediately after school. Children are transported to the Cultural Centre by their school bus, after signing in they have a fresh fruit/vegetable snack and water before classes begin. Summer art day programs are held on the green space of the Cultural Centre.

CPR, First Aid & Wellness Classes

Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) is an evidenced-based strength, balance and fitness program for adults 65 and older. Performing exercises that improve strength, balance and fitness are the single most important activity that adults can do to stay active and reduce their chance of falling. SAIL meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-11:00AM.

Workshops & Conferences

The Cultural Centre’s main gallery seats fifty people comforably for lectures, conferences, and workshops. For all day conferences or workshops, we utilize local restaurants and catereres to prepare your meal.

“Tall Grass Tales” is an event of the written word and oral traditions. This event features the published and unpublished works of local writers and storytellers twice each year, Spring and Fall. We welcome you to participate or be part of the audience where laughter shakes the rafters.

The Tea Parties are held in February, near Valentines Day, and December, near Christmas. Paula Sing’s creative “Fascinators” bring the festive atmosphere to all the Tea Party guests. We incorporate music, local literary works and yes, we loce to socialize while sipping tea or coffee in vintage china cups.

Celebrations & Private Events

The Cultural Centre serves a duel purpose as an Art Gallery and a special event venue. It’s a wonderful artistic alternative and welcoming space to host your event. The gorgeous wooden plank ceiling is a beautiful focal point of the main rental space, and the art exhibitions add wonderful conversation pieces for your guests. For more information on the use of the Cultural Centre as a rental space, click here.

Our Values


To insure the health and wellness of our region it is important to recognize that each of us plays a role for future generation’s health and wellness.

Just as we are all uniquely and divinely inspired, we believe challenges can be met with dignity, inspiration, and cooperation.

The requirement for success is the commitment to be just, passionate, and have overall concern for the common good.

Our goal is to be fiscally responsible so that the regional community will benefit from the programs and enrichment we offer for future generations.


“Mark and Rosemary have managed to bring Bird Island what it must feel like to be in their own living room as they gaze off into nostalgia sharing stories about their over 50 years of marriage. My first experience at the Cultural Centre redefined how I see and feel about community work and volunteerism. Between Mark’s spot-on impression of Tim Conway’s “Oldest Man” shuffle and Rosemary’s retelling of their adventures in Motown you’ll find the couple a fantastic value-added part to the hearth they have created at the Cultural Centre. I feel just like family whenever I walk in the doors and the ever-changing, but welcoming environment continues to nurture comradery and compassion as we work to better the communities in Renville County. What a treasure! The Cultural Centre is one of the most welcoming, hospitable, and generous places I have been to in quite a while.”

Joe Maffit | PACT for Families Evaluator

“I have more experience with Rosemary personally as a manager/facilitator of the space than with the Cultural Centre itself as a physical space. However, in my brief encounter at the Cultural Centre, I can say I was amazed at the energy that exists there, despite the possible assumption that small towns are dying and boring. I was excited that this was a place I felt welcome in and a place where I can learn. I wish my community had something like this!”

Rebecca Chelene | SNAP-Ed Educator

“Every time I leave I walk away feeling energized.”

Andrew Peltz | Restorative Justice Coordinator

“The Cultural Centre truly lives out its mission of integrated community wellness. Regardless of your background, what you bring to the Centre is welcomed with wide arms and always appreciated with deep authenticity. Color, music, laughter, movement and food all help to engage people in a space where?we all belong!

Samantha Nelson | Olivia Hospital and Clinics


Krstyl Louwagie - March 2021

Cartooning. Influenced from early childhood by illustrated fairy tale books, super-hero comics and animated cartoons. She is the marketing coordinator for Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.

Jim and Trisch Beilke - April 2021

Basketry and wooden boats. Working with natural materials such as feathers, antlers, seegrass, jute and wood this exhibition is a feast for those who have a love for natural materials.

Don Sherman - May 2021

Papermaking. A Southwest Minnesota State University adjunct professor and retired photographer using native and invasive plants sometimes blended with commercially produced fibers.

Pat Amberg and Sons - June 2021

Sculpture. A kick off to the Island Day's celebration emphasizes the importance of family and the relationship between fathers and sons.

Jim Brooks - July 2021

Woodworking. This exhibition will also include a woodturning workshop on the green space of the Cultural Centre.

McKenna Lilja - August 2021

Mixed media. An exhibition filled with oil paint, pastels, found objects and textiles that turns the mundane into extrodinary.

Nan Karr Kaufenberg - September 2021

Linoleum block prints. An award winning artist with a distinct style unlike many other styles of painting and imagery.

Dona Larkin - October 2021

Paint. Another award winning, national/world renowned artist who works as a freelancer for commissioned original art work.

Sheila Jacobs - November 2021

Pottery, paint. Known for her stain glass creations, watercolor and most recently pottery, she is lauded as a home-grown artist and conservationist with deep respect from our state-wide community.


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