Rosemary’s YouTube Recommendations

Here’s a wide variety of short how-to videos that have been pre-picked out by Rosemary, our director. Why is that important? Basically it means she’s prescreened them so you know they are worth watching. Nobody wants to waste their time when they could be doing something amazing. So whether you need a quick bit of inspiration or are interested in learning a new skill, we think it’s worth checking out the links below. New links will be added periodically.


Featured Videos

How To Draw Graffiti for Beginners! (2020)

Time: 13:13

20 Different Acrylic Pouring Techniques – Abstract Fluid Art + Music

Life Is Kumquat
Time: 1:06:18

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Flowers

Jenna Rainey
Time: 2:17:53

Using Viking Weaving Techniques to Wire Wrap Stones Without Holes as a Pendant

Lan Anh Handmade
Time: 11:02

A Beginner’s Guide to Chalk Art with Rajiv Surendra | Chalk Art for Beginners

HGTV Handmade
Time: 10:34

A Beginner’s Guide to Paper Marbling, with Rajiv Surendra | Paper Marbling Tutorial

HGTV Handmade
Time: 28:18

Crazy Recycling Art Ideas That Are At Another Level

Time: 8:26

How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes | Step by Step

Time: 51:00

How to DOODLE | Step by Step

Time: 10:47

7 Drawing Hacks Pro Artists Use That Actually Work

Kirsty Partridge Art
Time: 13:01

You Won’t Believe It Was Made with Toilet Paper/Amazing Idea

The Skilled Woman
Time: 14:38

Watercolor Painting on Wood

Debra Carmona
Time: 4:52

How to Make a Woven Cattail Mat

Tim Rosanelli
Time: 7:06

Making a Basket from Pine Needles

Wild She Goes
Time: 15:32

How to Paint Feathers with Watercolors Step-by-Step

Art Pro
Time: 5:28

String Painting How-To Pull String Art with Paints

Kellie Chasse
Time: 14:09

12 Watercolor Hacks You Need to Know

Kristy Partridge Art
Time: 15:45

7 Amazing Ocean Inspired Acrylic Pour Paintings/Abstract Art Ideas/Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art

Molly’s Artistry
Time: 13:24

Soap Carving | How to Carve Flower in Soap

J. Pereira – Art Carving
Time: 10:13

How to Make a Soap Carving

The Met #MetKids
Time: 2:34

Watercolors and Doodles with Gold and White – Beginner Level

Time: 12:33

How to Make Fly Lures with Trash

Time: 3:23

Fluid Art! Butterfly Chain Pull, Acrylic Pouring String Technique Beginners

Wigglz’ Art
Time: 4:16

How to Make 40 Basic Quilling Shapes – Tutorial Part 1 for Beginners

AV Visuals
Time: 7:26

Paper Quilling for Beginners Without Tools

Paper Zen – Cecelia Louie
Time: 19:59

Zen Rock Knot: Mizuhiki Cord Weaving

Aurapim Vorasopan
Time: 5:28

How to Make Prop Parchment Paper

The Prop Master’s Handbook
Time: 2:02

Junk Journal Beginner Tutorial

Lolly Palooza
Time: 17:01

Beginner Fly Tying a Little Black Stonefly

Jim Misiura
Time: 14:36

How to Write in Cursive

Time: 9:31


Michele Steffen Exhibition - January 2022

Paint | "Portraits, Figures and Fairy Tales"

Heather MacKenzie Exhibition - March 2022

Textile | "Textile in Code"

Tales from the Tall Grass Prairie - March 19th, 2022

Spoken Word | Themed "Uncomfortable Differences" this showing is a fundraiser for the Tinnes-Baker House

J. Arthur Anderson Exhibition- April 2022

"Bearing Witness"

Mary Schroepfer Exhibition - May 2022

Paint | "The Love of Painting"

The Renville County Market in Bird Island - May through August 2022

Wednesday evenings 4-7pm | Join us for local vendors, food, live music, art and community! May 25th - August 31st, 2022

Doug Pederson Exhibition - June 2022

"Wood, Bone & Oil"

Pearl Ziegenhagen Exhibition - July 2022

Watercolor | "My World in Watercolor"

McKenna Lilja Exhibition - August 2022

Multi-media | "Courageous Creativity"

Dena Bickhardt - September 2022

"Embracing the Challenge of Blindness" Sculptural Exhibition

Kalher & Happel Exhibition - October 2022

"Shades of Superstition Mountain"

Bird Island's Old Fashioned Christmas Market - December 2nd, 2022

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