Valentine’s Day Potluck and Poetry/Essay Smorgasbord

As the February rain splattered the snow backs throughout the day, the Writer’s Group held its collective breath before the predicted temperature drop. Some writers slid to the Cultural Centre on muddy roads, others traveled with ease on Hwy 212. We are an agile group who thrive on the unknown, developing characters, plots and, yes, we do research to create the correct cadence.

Fortunately, everyone is an excellent cook and, as par for the course, our smorgasbord of food, poetry and essays ranged from a reading from Shelley’s romantic poetry to the essay of how a six-week courtship began a family of six children, to a political satire on the rationality for problem solving at the kitchen table.

We are an intelligent and humorous group, who would love to encourage all writers and wanna be writers to join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

In closing, WRITE ON!