Fall Youthful Arts Classes

with Rosemary Glesener – Director of the Cultural Centre in Bird Island

Session I: Art Experience 2nd-4th Grade

TUESDAYS, September 28, October 5, and 12th, 2021

Location: The Cultural Centre in Bird Island

Transportation: Superior Bus Company

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm (fruit/vegetable snack and water provided)

Week 1: Ceramic Tile Coaster

Children will be introduced to color theory by using colored Sharpies and painting on a ceramic tile. Using a medicine dropper, rubbing alcohol droplets will be applied to their design and they will observe the blending of color. (Children will wear gloves to protect their fingers from staining and the alcohol (approx. 3-5 drops will be applied in a well ventilated room.)

Week 2: Introduction to Watercolor

Using Watercolor Pencils, children will design a card on watercolo paper. With a dampened watercolor brush they will blend the medium to complete their design.

Week 3: Rubbings

Children will lay a dried leaf or other flattened object between two sheets of paper. They will make 3 rubbings using crayon, soft pastel and charcoal. Instructor will spray the soft pastel and charcoal with a fixative to prevent smearing or smudging.

Cost: $70.00 includes transportation from school, materials, and snack

Session II: Art Experience 4th-6th Grade

TUESDAYS, October 19th, 26th and November 2nd, 2021

Location: The Cultural Centre in Bird Island

Transportation: Superior Bus Company

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm (fruit/vegetable snack and water provided)

Week 1: Clay Papier-Mache

“Clay Papier-Mache is a mixture of paper pulp with a few simple ingredients: Elmer’s glue-all, dry-wall joint compound, toilet paper and flour. Student will design and make an armature/form using tin foil and/or cardboard mask.

Please visit Ultimate Paper Mache for sculptures & mask ideas.

Week 2: Clay Papier-Mache

Instructor will provide Clay Papier-Mache. Student will coat form/armature with approximately 1/4″ of mixture evenly, then develop the details. Paper mask form and tinfoil provided.

Week 3: Painting w/ Acrylics the Formed Mask

Using the above principles of instruction and acrylic paint, students will paint sculpture/mask of their own design.

Cost: $70.00 includes transportation from school, materials, and snack

Session III: Art Experience 6th-8th Grade

TUESDAYS, November 9th, 16th and 23rd, 2021

Location: The Cultural Centre in Bird Island

Transportation: Superior Bus Company

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm (fruit/vegetable snack and water provided)

Week 1: Drawing/Composition

Discussion and planning then drawing on canvas with chalk. Brief intro to perspective.

Week 2: Painting

Study composition refine and make minor changes, if necessary, block in colors with acrylic pigment. Learn how to clean brushes correctly.

Week 3: Painting

Complete painting. Final details and discuss how to measure for proper hanging using wire and eye hooks.

Cost: $70.00 includes transportation from school, materials, and snack

Rosemary Glesener

Youthful Art Instructor | Director

Bird Island, MN – Rosemary, a Minnesota native has resided in Renville County for approximately forty years. During this time, she organized art shows in various venues. These three-day exhibitions showcased local, regional and metropolitan artists. As a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Superior, she designed her own major entitled Integrative Community Wellness which encompassed her belief that art, psychology and health are interconnected. She has been instrumental in the management of the Cultural Centre, her brain child, since its inception in November 2016. As an artist, poet/essayist and entrepreneur she thrives on the creative process.


Krstyl Louwagie - March 2021

Cartooning. Influenced from early childhood by illustrated fairy tale books, super-hero comics and animated cartoons. She is the marketing coordinator for Southwest Minnesota Arts Council.

Jim and Trisch Beilke - April 2021

Basketry and wooden boats. Working with natural materials such as feathers, antlers, seegrass, jute and wood this exhibition is a feast for those who have a love for natural materials.

Don Sherman - May 2021

Papermaking. A Southwest Minnesota State University adjunct professor and retired photographer using native and invasive plants sometimes blended with commercially produced fibers.

Pat Amberg and Sons - June 2021

Sculpture. A kick off to the Island Day's celebration emphasizes the importance of family and the relationship between fathers and sons.

Jim Brooks - July 2021

Woodworking. This exhibition will also include a woodturning workshop on the green space of the Cultural Centre.

McKenna Lilja - August 2021

Mixed media. An exhibition filled with oil paint, pastels, found objects and textiles that turns the mundane into extrodinary.

Nan Karr Kaufenberg - September 2021

Linoleum block prints. An award winning artist with a distinct style unlike many other styles of painting and imagery.

Dona Larkin - October 2021

Paint. Another award winning, national/world renowned artist who works as a freelancer for commissioned original art work.

Sheila Jacobs - November 2021

Pottery, paint. Known for her stain glass creations, watercolor and most recently pottery, she is lauded as a home-grown artist and conservationist with deep respect from our state-wide community.


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