Creating An Easter Tree with Rosemary

Easter Class with Rosemary Glesener | April 2021

We have been anticipating Spring’s return; Happy Spring, Happy Easter to everyone! We thought a wonderful way to celebrate is to design a stylized German “Osterbaum” translated in English means Easter Tree. This tradition is centuries old and has been adopted by many. The egg is an ancient symbol of life and rebirth universally and across cultures. In China, red-dyed eggs are given at a baby’s naming ceremony and on birthdays symbolizing joy, prosperity, good fortune and renewed life. In Mexico, cascarones, made usually at Easter are dyed eggs filled with confetti. These dyed, confetti filled, chicken eggs symbolize rebirth and Jesus’s Resurrection. When a person gets hit by the confetti filled egg a wish of good luck follows. Pysanka is the Ukrainian Easter Egg using a wax resistant method of dyeing. Early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs red symbolizing the blood of Christ and the Resurrection.  Art Eggs of some Native American traditions celebrate the Creator and Creation marking a new beginning and the energy of revival.

For more information on the art of egg decoration on YouTube:

How to Make Pysanka Eggs by Rebecca Watson

How to Make Cascarones for Easter Confetti Eggs by Tiny Teachers

For more detailed information from the Library of Congress

Have an enriching, renewing and blessed Easter!


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