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Thank you for visiting our website. Everything we do, we do for you. The Cultural Centre in Bird Island runs predominantly on goodwill donations. We genuinely appreciate every single contribution, in time, in kind and monetary value. We would like to keep bringing you quality art, culture, history, and community activities, so please consider donating today. When you donate $250.00 or above you will get your name or the name of a loved one (in memory of) on our donor wall. All the plaques encircle a dedication in thanks to our first and original donors, Gordy and Lynette Blem, Bird Island Lions Club and Randy Vogt. 

If you would like to donate items or your time, please contact us at or (320) 365-1011. To send a monetary tax-deductible donation, please make checks payable to: Bird Island Cultural Centre or through our paypal account:

Please donate now through our Network for Good website so that we can continue to provide a space for community gathering, relationship building and wellness through the events and activities we provide.

We are continually grateful for all the help and neighborly kindness we experience on a regular basis.