‘The Lake Hayes Regatta’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

‘The Lake Hayes Regatta’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

New York billionaire Courtney Masters IV inherited all his wealth and now he’s intent on keeping it, so it comes as no surprise when he starts his own church in Minnesota as a tax dodging scheme. The church first appears to offer hope of financial solvency for Andy Hayes and his struggling business, the Paul Bunyan Sailing School and Poet’s Retreat, but hope soon turns to regret. It all comes to hilarious conclusion in a zany waterborne battle between the forces of greed, zealotry, folly, and love.

“All the great themes of American humor sign up for The Lake Hayes Regatta: the crooked preacher in the crooked Church of the Uplifting Epiphany, a wacko lady politician, a brainless greedy plutocrat, a boozy loose cannon named Tarzan Torgeson, a boat race straight from the traditions of Buster Keaton and Mel Brooks. This is a truly funny and charming book, probably a “summer read” on a lazy day, but I recommend during a howling blizzard at minus twenty below. It’ll make you laugh and forget shoveling for a while.”

-Bill Holm


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Chuck Brown is a corporate refugee. He and his wife, Pat, have sailed the Caribbean, Lake Superior, and Big Kandiyohi Lake, where they have a cabin. They live in Olivia, Minnesota.