‘The Forgotten Lake Secession’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

‘The Forgotten Lake Secession’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

Wherever Cass Baird’s career in academia has taken her, her soul’s compass has always pointed to Forgotten Lake, her childhood home in northern Minnesota. When her parent’s marriage goes on the rocks that sense of home is threatened and she is drawn back, hoping to still find her true north. What she finds instead is her father feuding with the local authorities, a feud that soon gets out of hand, leading to a riotous convergence of misguided conspiracy theories, wayward patriots and armed militia. Can a new love survive and grow amid such chaos?

In his new novel, The Forgotten Lake Secession, Chuck Brown continues to exhibit his style of introducing readers to slightly odd, true-to-life characters who stumble through life, firm in their convictions, and determined to do things their own way. You’ll enjoy the characters and the setting – an isolated lake in Minnesota’s north woods – where a hilarious crisis initiates, yet threatens an evolving love story.

-Justice Paul H. Anderson (Retired)


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Chuck Brown is a corporate refugee who treasures his time at the lake. He lives with his wife, Pat, in Olivia, Minnesota.