‘Dunn Days’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

‘Dunn Days’ A Novel by Chuck Brown

Dunn, Minnesota, has seen better days. Once a bustling community and home to state high school basketball champions, it now teeters on the brink of becoming a ghost town. Then a new company comes to town and the governor announces that he will attend Dunn’s annual summer celebration. Things are looking up, but the new company proves to be darkly mysterious and the governor turns out to be…well, a politician. Can Dunn reclaim its past glory, or is it destined for more heartbreak?

“Chuck Brown writes with grace, wit, humor and affection about a cast of characters who might seem eccentric, but are closer to true life than you might think.”

-Brent Olson, Minnesota Writer


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Chuck Brown is a corporate refugee now turned to writing. He lives with his wife, Pat, in Olivia, Minnesota, where he serves on the city council.