Have you ever developed a picture in your mind of something, a dream or memory, that you simply can’t shake? Yeah, us too.  At the Cultural Centre we see an entire wall of teacups. 

Not just any teacups, but teacups with a story. Your stories. Stories that we hope you’ll share with us. 

The goal is to fill a wall with teacups people have donated to the Cultural Centre, but we don’t just want the teacup. We also want you to share with us the story behind the teacup so we can place them together on the shelf. Teacups on floating reclaimed wooden shelves. Maybe not actually floating, one wouldn’t want to lose a cup. Then, we want to hold a weekly or monthly tea time for the old and the young. Everyone gets to choose a teacup from the shelf to drink from. There should probably be cookies too. Very scrumptious cookies. 

It’s a beautiful thing, passing on memories through the generations. Will you help us do just that?

We’d love for you to contact us today. Simply click here and add The Teacup Project in the subject line.