Papermaking Workshop with Don Sherman & Jason Frank

Papermaking Workshop with Don Sherman & Jason Frank

Workshops correspond to an upcoming exhibit to offer new creative, interdisciplinary art experiences to art appreciators. Snacks will be provided. Bring your own lunch and beverages. Don Sherman and Jason Frank will exhibit their work at the Cultural Centre in Bird Island and facilitate the workshops. The workshops will be followed by a Reception and Gallery Opening which will include art from workshop participants.

Workshop will be head May 29th, 2021 | 11am-3pm

Register early as space is limited to 12 adults and 8 children per session.



Participants will connect their local natural environment to the art of papermaking. Each person will make unique handmade paper sheets using pulp from recycled and natural fibers. After forming sheets of paper with types of molds and deckles, further exploration will include paper textures, color incorporation and mixed media possibilities. All supplies will be provided.

Everyone will leave the workshop with their own unique artwork, plus a varied set of handmade sheets of paper and a low-tech, non-toxic papermaking foundation useful to continue the practice at home, in institutions and/or in classrooms. More information about the artists and their work is available on the BICA website and at the Cultural Centre.

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