The picture above was taken around the time of the gifting of Dirks-Blem funeral home to Mark and Rosemary Glesner to be transformed into The Cultural Centre. You can see in their faces the hope, joy and promise this gifting brought. A time of letting go and a time of new beginnings.

Here we place high value on building communities. That’s why part of our mission statement states:

The Cultural Centre in Bird Island’s mission is to integrate the arts into the community and to reflect the community in the arts. We believe the quality of life is enhanced by ensuring the arts are an active part of the social fabric of the community and beyond. Participation in the arts, whether active or passive, leads to discourse, communication, between people of all ethnicities, religious affiliation, genders and age groups. We believe through discourse the human condition becomes authentic for the individual and the community at large.

But it’s much more than that.

We also believe that we have the tremendous opportunity to partner with those in our surrounding communities and beyond to help one another reach the common goal of developing healthy, vibrant communities. It’s time to think outside the box. How can we help each other?

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