Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors first met in November of 2016. The board members all share a specific affinity for rural life, arts & culture, and community outreach.

Current members are as follows:

  • President: Rosemary Glesener of Bird Island, MN
  • Vice President: Paul Heyl of Bird Island, MN
  • Secretary: Mariah Martinez of Bird Island, MN
  • Treasurer: Mark Glesener of Bird Island, MN
  • Member at Large: Gene Wenstrom of Elbow Lake, MN
Bird Island Cultural Centre Board of Directors pictured here with Gordy Blem of Dirks-Blem Funeral Service, Inc. (left to right: Gordy Blem, Paul Heyl, Gene Wenstrom, Rosemary Glesener, Mark Glesener, and Mariah Martinez)