Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors first met in November of 2016 and meets every fourth Monday of the month. The board members all share a specific affinity for rural life, arts & culture, and community outreach.

Current members are as follows:

  • Rosemary Glesener, President, Bird Island – published artist, writer, art teacher, wellness advocate, entrepreneur.
  • Paul Heyl, Vice President, Bird Island – social worker, mental health consultant, former mayor, poet, former bookstore owner.
  • Mark Glesener, Secretary/Treasurer, Bird Island – Master’s in Social Work, entrepreneur, healthcare administrator, civic organization officer.
  • Gene Wenstrom, Member, Sartell – economic development consultant. Former Minnesota State Representative
  • Don Orth, Member, Olivia – Retired bank president with 40 years in banking. Now a published author, vocalist, piano player, singer, fund raiser and organizer. Enjoys colunteering and spending time with grand kids.
  • Chuck Brown, Member, Olivia – retired can company manager, published author, former Olivia City Council Member.