Our Board Members

The Selection Process

Mark and Rosemary Glesener originated the nonprofit corporation and subsequent 501(c)(3) status and chose the initial board members through a process of determining, among people the knew, who would have an interest and time available to develop the Centre and its programs. Currently the Board has five members and plans to expand to seven members shortly to increase the diversity of the Board as a reflection of Bird Island’s community. Also, efforts are being made to recruit a high school student to the Board.

Meet the Board

Paul Heyl
Chuck Brown
Vice President
Mark Glesener
Secretary | Treasurer
Karen Roker
Board Member
Gene Wenstrom
Board Member
Don Orth
Board Member

Our Volunteers

We really love these people. The Cultural Centre wouldn’t be as successful without them.

  • Sharon Honzay
  • Kim Lowe
  • Mariah Lowe
  • Leta Jacobs
  • Sharon Koopman
  • Terri Tuma
  • Paula Sing
  • Mary Frietag
  • Deb Hillshem
  • Dan Jacobs
  • Rick Bonlender

Our Donors

And these people keep the doors open so we can continue to connect with our communities and our communities can connect with us.

Individuals | Families

Jim & Trisch Beilke

Sylvia Elfering

Gus & Beck Lingl

Robert & Renae Saunders

Brent & Julie Wertish

Lyle & Pam Lundstrum

Michael Sheehan

Annmarie & Lee Wurm

John & Judy Jacobs

Rick Bonlender & Mary Ahern

Pat & Laura Posl

Gene Wenstrom

Paul & Patti Heyl

CMSGT Abel Jr. & CW4(R) Mara Ochoa

Bob & Joan Bernstrom

Randy Vogt

Mark & Rosemary Glesener

Lynn & Chris Picquet

Mike & Leah Tersteeg

Stan & Jan Prokosch

Florence & Lowell Lauer

Carol Setzepfandt

Vern & Helen Prokosch

In Honor Of

Jim & Marlys Tersteeg

Robert & Mary Ryan

Maxine & Sy Jacobs

Theresa & William Glesener

Business | Foundations

Bird Island EDA

Saunders, Mertens, Schmitz, PA.

Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

Frandsen Bank of Bird Island

George Paur Agency

S.J. Jacobs & Sons

BIO Legacy Endowment Fund

Our Savior’s Luthern Church Endowment Fund

Bird Island Lions

MN Historical Society

Southwest Minnesota Arts Council