Deceptions of Reality, By Jonas Heyl

Artist in Residence: Jonas Heyl. March 15 – April 14. Jonas Heyl was born in Donnelly, Minnesota.  His parents were divorced when he was 3, at which time his father, Paul Heyl, moved to Bird Island Minnesota, where Jonas spent much of his childhood. He attended BOLD Schools, Willmar High School, and graduated from Chaska Minnesota.  As a senior Jonas spent time at the Lake Minnetonka Center for the Arts, where he was mentored by Nick Legerros. He learned lost wax casting from Mr. Legerros.  Jonas attended North Dakota State University, where he began taking Landscape Architecture courses until realizing his grades were not adequate to be in the top 50 in a class of 650, which was a requirement of continuing the program as a sophomore.  So he began to take courses in Construction Management, since he enjoyed working with his hands, and he already had a great deal of construction experience.  After realizing that the school was geared only for building bridges and roads, he switched his major to his true artistic calling.   His work has been featured on a billboard in downtown Fargo, in dozens of shows in the Fargo/Moorhead area, and has several sculptural installations still on display in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Paul and Patti Heyl (Jonas’ father) proudly displays a multi-piece sculpture in their flower garden.

After graduating from NDSU, Jonas followed Samantha Kuhn back to her family farm. Jonas worked part time for Sam’s father on his dairy farm and did construction (mostly ceramic tile work). Sam and Jonas married in 2011. In 2014, Sam and Jonas welcomed their daughter, Fiona, into the world.  In 2015, Jonas and Sam purchased the dairy operation from Sam’s father.  They had managed the farm for several years, but now they have all of the risk and rewards!  Jonas and his wife take extreme pride in what they have accomplished on their farm.  The farm and Fiona take most of Sam and Jonas’s time, but whenever Jonas gets a chance, he spends time up in his makeshift studio on the second level of their machine shop sculpting or painting, or out on the North Dakota prairie taking photos.


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